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Prepare your abstract

If you are going to prepare an abstract for the conference we ask you to respect the following guidelines. A template can be downloaded here.
Online submission of abstracts has started on January 4th, 2021

Page size: A4 (297 x 210 mm), abstract must not exceed one page
Margins: 30 mm (top, bottom, left and right)
Font type: Times New Roman and Symbol; do not use any other font
Line spacing: title and text must be spaced by 1.25 lines
1st Line: Title: centered, 12 point, bold capital letters
2nd Line: Author(s):centered, 12 point, presenting author underlined
3rd Line: Affiliation and full address: centered, 12 point. In the case of different affiliations of the authors, specify with superscript a, b, etc.
Main text: left and right justified, 12 point, unindented
Figures: good quality, located within the text (please bear in mind that abstracts are printed in black&white, and the page size will be reduced to 70%)
References: placed in square brackets [1, 2, ...] in the text and cited at the bottom of the abstract

Instructions for Speakers and Poster presenters

As you might expect, a virtual conference is a new challenge in organization. Based on our experience from other online conferences we have decided that you have to record your presentation via online tool 2 weeks before the conference at the very latest. This gives not only you the unique chance to optimize your talk, it avoids also unforseen internet problems during the conference. During your session a professional chairman will introduce you. During your talk, the audience can place questions in the chat window. After your presentation you should be available for live answering the questions by also sharing the slides. Therefore, please place slide numbers in your presentation.


For plenary speakers 30 min are allocated as speaking time followed by 10 min discussion.

Talks of the ESPS board and invited speakers there are 25 min + 5 min allocated.

For regular talks there will be 15 min available plus a chat room on the afternoon of the 2nd day.

Poster presenters should record a 4-5 slides flash talk and have also their private chat room available on the afternoon of the 2nd day.