Virtual European Symposium of Photopolymer Sciences dedicated to Ewa Andrzejewska


- Abstract Submission has been extended to 26th of April!!!!!

- The early bird deadline has been extended until 10th of May.

- We have added a special session for oral presentations from industry. You are highly welcome to submit your abstract.

- We know the issues with time differences from countries outside Europe. Therefore we have added the option that you can stream the presentations up to 3 month after the conference.


The 6th European Symposium of Photopolymer Science will be held online from June 15th-17th, 2021. It will be organized by Kurt Dietliker (CH, ETH Zurich), Marco Sangermano (I, Politecnico di Torino) and Robert Liska (A, TU Vienna). This symposium is dedicated to Ewa Andrzejewska (PL, Politechnika Poznańska) who unfortunately passed away in June 2019.

The field of photopolymer science continues year after year to steadily advance fueled both by academic enthusiasm and by industrial pragmatism. The numerous environmental and economic benefits of light induced chemistry make these technologies popular for manufacturers and fabricators within a wide range of different industrial sectors. 

The European Symposium of Photopolymer Science (ESPS) aims to bring together the brightest minds from both academia and industry to collectively present and discuss the fundamental issues within this still burgeoning field. The meeting consists of seminars from not just European but international leaders of photopolymer science with topics addressing critical issues such as photochemistry, reaction kinetics, analytical methods, photoinitiator and monomer synthesis, structure-property relations, polymer processing, as well as applications.

The first ESPS meeting was held in Mulhouse, France in 2010 and the second meeting took place in Torino, Italy in September 2012. In 2014 this conference was held in Vienna with nearly 300 participants. Leipzig continued this successful series in 2016 and finally came back to Mulhouse 2018. For 2020 it was planned to be held in Istanbul organized by Nergis Arsu and Yusuf Yagci. Unfortunately, Corona crisis didn’t allow to make this physical meeting. Looking to continue a tradition of excellence set of the previous meetings and to bring back the family together, the Advisory board decided in Nov 2020 that the upcoming 6th Symposium to be held as the first virtual ESPS conference in June 15-17, 2021.

It is the intention of the organizers to provide ample time for discussion to emphasize the workshop character and stimulate the exchange of new ideas. The program will be mainly based on invited talks given by respectable scientists working in the field of photopolymer science. In addition, other contributed papers with 15 minutes allotted for presentations and posters with a 5 min flash talk may be submitted. For both categories there will be given 3 awards for the best presentations.

We are enthusiastic that this new format brings incomparable benefits for speakers and participants from academia as well as from industry

  • Numerous talks of the most famous plenary speakers from around the world can be streamed live. Regular lectures and posters can be watched one week before the conference and 3 month afterwards
  • We expect that the family of photopolymer science can be increased significantly due to extremely low conference fees and no travel costs allowing the institutes and companies to send a much higher number of interested people to the conference
  • Current times makes it hard for universities to get sufficient high-level contributions in conference activities. Low costs and unlimited slots for presentations and individual feedback in private rooms on the 2nd day gives unique changes of interaction
  • Short discussions after the live presentation coordinated by experienced moderators and personal meeting rooms for any talks that can be booked for everybody on the 2nd day can make individual talks more easy than for searching the speaker on the physical conference
  • Sponsors and exhibitors can make their presentations online available for everybody at any time. The virtual booth allow interested participants to book slots with the right contact person for fruitful individual discussions 
  • Names, institution and field of expertise of all participants will be made available before the conference in a searchable database. Individual slots can be booked for face to face and group meetings on the 2nd day of the conference 

Topics that will be discussed at the meeting include: (but are by no means limited to):

  • Radical and Cationic Radiation Curing Processes
  • Thiol-Ene Polymerizations
  • Oxygen Inhibition
  • Polymerization Kinetics
  • Novel Concepts
  • Advanced Materials and Applications
  • Additive Manufacturing / 3D Printing
  • Hydrogels and Biomaterials
  • Medical and Dental Materials