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How to do your recordings

You are kindly asked to record your presentation (Oral presentation and Flash talk) using the zoom-interface we support. You have already been notified by email about a link to your private zoom-room (if not, please contact the organizer).

Please notice our following guidelines:

  • Oral Presentations: must not be longer than 15:00 minutes, any number of slides
  • Flash Talks: must not be longer than 5:00 minutes and there is a limit of 6 slides (including start and end slide)

The steps you need to do are the following:

  1. Open the zoom-link in your email and enter the room
  2. From now on you get recorded!There is no need to start or stop the recording on your own!
  3. If not already activated please power on your camera. We would like to see who you are! If you would like use a virtual background, please configure this now. We provide you with background images with the VESPS-logo in different colors (green, red, light gray, dark gray), but of course you may select your own one as well. Technical note: on some laptops (e.g. Lenovo) we noticed, that for security reasons the webcam was not activated automatically - contact us at if you experience a similar problem.
  4. Share your presentation (in fullscreen)
  5. Move the windows with your webcam to the upper right corner - this is where we will place it later on our own.
  6. Check, if you are unmuted!
  7. Wait 5-10 seconds (don't forget to look into the camera) - we need this silence to detect the starting of your presentation and to cut the video!
  8. Start to speak. Since you do not get introduced by a chair, please tell us who you are ...
  9. Speak, speak, next slide, speak, speak, speak, next slide, speak ....
    Important Note: in any case you get stuck or misspeak a sentence: just stop your recording (maybe say something like "do not process this recording" so that we are informed), get out of the zoom meeting, and start again at point 1!
  10. Finalize your talk best with an acknowledgement to your group and the information that you will be available at the virtual poster session or in the discussion rooms on the second day ..
  11. Wait 5-10 seconds (looking into the camera) - we need this silence to detect the end of your presentation and to cut the video!
  12. Get out of the zoom-meeting

After 10-15 minutes you should receive an email with a link to your recording. You can take a quick view if this recording is ok. If you do not agree with this version: start again at point 1!

That's all! The recording is now on the zoom-cloud, waiting for us to do our job ..

Your recording will then be checked overnight, cutted and an uniform startpicture will be added. The resulting presentation video will be put onto our streaming server and a private link will be sent to you to check your (hopefully) final presentation. If you do not agree: start again at point 1!

Reminder: if you have not sent us a photograph of yourself yet please do so before your recording!
Second reminder: please note our deadlines for recording of your presentation!!!
Tip: For a first check, if your environment works fine, we suggest that on a first approach you do a recording of some seconds (say "hello", "this is a test", "the weather is fine today", ....), and close the meeting again. Then check the recording by the link in the email you get 5 minutes later if everything is o.k. (voice, webcam, slides).

To make it clear what your job is, and what we will do, here we show you an example of a flash presentation:

This is what you are going to record ...
please note the silence from 00:20-00:31
... and this will be your final presentation
the video was cutted and a starting slide was added

Support meetings

Of course we will run some support meetings (using zoom) where you can ask questions or discuss your problems. These meetings will be provided once a week, the dates will be announce soon on this webpage.

Other possibilities to record your talk

Using our zoom-workflow helps us to get uniform or consistant presentations and saves our time. But of course we also accept videos, which you have prepared using your own equipment/system, in that case we have to discuss by email, how we can receive those videos (either by supplying you an upload option or you send a download link to us).