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Dear participant,

the curtain has fallen, and the conference is over now - just 3 spots are still on:

Streaming of lectures:

All lectures are recorded, and this content will be available for the next 3 months on the website for you as participant! Since i already got questions about this: we agree, if you want to have YOUR OWN video put on your privat/company/university website, this is OK since it's YOUR content, we just processed this!

Vote for awards:
Don't forget to vote for the best presentations! The voting is open until Monday 21, 9am CEST. The more votes we get, the cleared the result will be - so please vote now, currently we observe a patt situation in 2 categories. (Remark: yesterday we observed a technical issue on the poster voting with FireFox - this issue has been resolved)
The Award Giving Ceremony will take plase on Wednesday 23, 4pm CEST at httpd://

Invoice or Receipt of Payment:
if you have not received an invoice (did you take alook into your SPAM-folder?) or you need a receipt of payment, please drop me a note by email

   Heinz A. Krebs
   Organizing Committee VESPS2021