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We are enthusiastic that this new format brings incomparable benefits for speakers and participants from academia as well as from industry

  • Numerous talks of the most famous plenary speakers from around the world can be streamed live. Regular lectures and Posters can be watched 1 week before the conference and 3 month afterwards
  • We expect that the family of photopolymer science can be increased significantly due to extremely low conference fees and no travel costs allowing the institutes and companies to send a much higher number of interested people to the conference
  • Current times makes it hard for universities to get sufficient high-level contributions in conference activities. Low costs and unlimited slots for presentations and individual feedback in private rooms on the last day gives unique changes of interaction
  • Short discussions after the live presentation coordinated by experienced moderators and personal meeting rooms for any talks that can be booked for everybody on the second day can make individual talks more easy than for searching the speaker on the physical conference
  • Sponsors and exhibitors can make their presentations online available for everybody at any time. The virtual booth allow interested participants to book slots with the right contact person for fruitful individual discussions 
  • Names, institution and field of expertise of all participants will be made available before the conference in a searchable database. Individual slots can be booked for face to face and group meetings on the second day of the conference 

Plenary Speakers that have confirmed to attend

Christopher Bowman (University of Colorado, USA)

Cyrille Boyer (UNSW Sydney, AUS)

Christopher Barner-Kowollik, (QUT, AUS)

Stefan Hecht (RWTH Aachen, D)

Hansjörg Grützmacher (ETH Hönggerberg, CH)

Johan Jansen (DSM, NLD)

Jun Nie (BUCT, CN)

Mats Johansson (KTH, SWE)

Stephen Postle (IGM, Florida USA)

Wolfgang Kern (University Leoben, A)

Plenary talks of the ESPS board

Xavier Allonas (Universite de Haute -Alsace, F)

Nergis Arsu (Istanbul Technical University, TR)

Céline Croutxé-Barghorn (Universite de Haute-Alsace, F)

Kurt Dietliker (ETH Zürich, CH)

Robert Liska (TU Wien, A)

Marco Sangermano (Polytecnico di Torino, I)

Yusuf Yagci (Istanbul Technical University, TR)

Invited Speakers that have confirmed to attend

Athina Anastasaki (ETHZ, CH)

Stefan Baudis (TU Wien, A)

Eva Blasco (University Heidelberg, D)

Yohann Catel (Ivoclar Vivadent, LI)

Abraham Chemtob (CNRS, Mulhouse, F)

Georg Gescheidt-Demner (TU Graz, A)

Christian Gorsche (Cubicure, A)

Thomas Griesser (University of Leoben, A)

Allan Guymon (University of Iowa, USA)

Hannes Houck (Ghent University, B)

Steffen Jockusch (Columbia University, USA)

Patrick Knaack (TU Wien, A)

Peter Krajnc (University Maribor, SLO)

Yves Leterrier (EPFL, CH)

Igor Lacik (Slovak Academy of Sciences, SK)

Jacques Lalevee (Université de Haute-Alsace, F)

Jaroslav Mosnacek (Slovak Academy of Sciences, SK)

Joanna Ortyl (Cracow University of Technology, PL)

Aleksandr Ovsianikov (TU Wien, A)

Arri Priimagi (Tampere University, FI)

Ignazio Roppolo (Polytecnico di Torino, I)

Sandra Schlögl (PCCL, Leoben, A)

Martin Schwentenwein (Lithoz, Vienna, A)

Wu Si (University of Science and Technology of China, CN)

Arnaud Spangenberg (Universite de Haute-Alsace, F)

Jeffrey Stansbury (University of Colorado, USA)

Jürgen Stampfl (TU Wien, A)

Bernd Strehmel (Niederrhein University of Applied Sciences, D)

Zhiquan Li (Guangdong University of Technology, CN)